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Welcome to ION - The Innovative Office Network!

ION is the ideal work place offering a professional atmosphere and great office support for motivated individuals. It provides a space of interaction and collaboration for small and large groups pursuing various business opportunities.

ION is conveniently located on the Northwest side of Columbus, Ohio, only a short distance from Dublin, Upper Arlington, and Worthington, near the intersection of Bethel and Sawmill Roads.


  • 15 min. of Downtown Columbus
  • 20 min. of Port Columbus International Airport
  • 2 min. of the OSU Airport and 10 min. of the OSU campus
  • 5 min. of 315 and I-270


  • Fully Furnished Private Offices, Meeting Rooms, Coworking Desks and Event Space
    (Flexible terms and affordable rental and leasing rates)
  • Virtual Office Services
  • Spaces for Conferencing, Presentations, Training/Seminar Sessions, Social Gatherings and Networking Events
  • Instant Worldwide Web-Based Video Conferencing
  • Translation Services and Multi-Lingual Interpreting
  • Localization of Software Products
  • Professional Office Support
  • Notary Services
  • Catering Services from Local Vendors

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